Barscoustica Jukebox Sound System

Mobile Jukebox for coffee bars and pubs 



Enjoy music with your mobile jukebox over WiFi

Barcoustica Android Application

Jukebox on you mobile phone. more

Barcoustica MP3 player and system management

The heart of the system. Manage your jukebox from one place  more

Manage everything from one place

  • Manage mp3 files
  • Advertisers data
  • Control player
  • Send Notifications
  • and more…


All the Features You Need

Single click

Just connect your phone to a wifi network and order your favorite song.

Order your song

Find your favorite song in the playlist and click.

Up to 10000 songs

System supports up to 1000 songs in the playlist.

Your song is playing

Visual and vibrational notifications when users order is being played.

Easy to use

Select the song and press the button.

Real time notification

Notify user about current playing song details.


Find your favorite song in the playlist.

Good performance

Work with all android devices above android API version 30 Requires Windows or Linux OS and Java installed on the local computer.


No setup required for the mobile phone. Easy to install on computer.

Promotions and news

All users will see your promotional text and notifications immediately.

No Internet

Works over the local WiFi network. Does not need Internet connection.


Promote your friends web sites. Supports up to four advertisements.

And more ...

Explore all Barcoustica Jukebox Sound System. features.

Download Barcoustica Today

Download Android Application from Google Play  

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